Social Issue

During my senior year, I embarked on a design exploration project where I created a clock that symbolized the mental health struggles that deaf teens face throughout the day. Using the contrast of black and white, I was able to represent the times of day and the environments where deaf teens feel the most comfortable. The clock was not only a functional timepiece but also a visual representation of the unique challenges that deaf teens face every day.

In the second semester, I continued my exploration of deaf culture and communication barriers by creating an exhibit piece for the end-of-year senior exhibit. The exhibit piece highlighted the communication barriers that deaf teens face in education and showcased potential solutions to those barriers. I used a variety of media, such as videos, graphics, and interactive elements, to engage the audience and convey the challenges that deaf students experience in the classroom.

Through this project, I gained valuable insights into the challenges that deaf teens face and the importance of creating inclusive design solutions that cater to the unique needs of different groups. I also developed a deeper appreciation for the role that design can play in promoting social awareness and inclusion.

Overall, this project was a significant learning experience that allowed me to explore my passion for design and my interest in creating solutions that cater to diverse communities.

Senior Reserch and Design Project
Fall 2022, Spring 2023
Visualizing, Building, Testing, Researching, Conceptializing informational boards
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