Motion Graphics

In my motion graphics projects, I used a combination of Adobe Illustrator and After Effects to create some really cool animations. First, I planned out my ideas in Illustrator by sketching out the different scenes and characters. This helped me to figure out how I wanted everything to flow and look.

Once I had my plan set, I moved on to animating everything in After Effects. I used lots of different techniques to make my animations smooth and interesting, like making things move and changing colors. I spent a lot of time getting the timing just right, so everything flowed nicely.

Throughout the process, I played around with different styles and techniques to make sure everything looked amazing. I wanted to make sure that everything was visually stunning, and that the animations helped tell a story.

Working on these motion graphics projects was a ton of fun, and it really let me explore my creative side. I got to use my design skills to create something that moved and looked awesome. It was a great experience that taught me a lot about the power of animation and how it can be used to tell a story.

Motion Design, Animation
Spring 2022-Spring 2023
Digital-Illustration, Animation, Storyboarding, Planning, Exporting
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