Complex Object

For one of my design courses, we were tasked with finding a complex shaped object and drawing it using imperfect lines in Adobe Illustrator. I chose a pepper grinder, which proved to be a challenging but rewarding subject. Using imperfect lines was an interesting exercise in letting go of perfectionism and embracing the organic nature of the object. I couldn't delete any lines, only cover them up with more white lines, which added to the complexity of the project.

In the following semester, we took our imperfect line drawings and turned them into a wireframe using precise measurements and ratios. This required a great deal of attention to detail and accuracy, as we had to make sure that the digital perspective wireframe was a perfect representation of the pepper grinder's shape and dimensions. Once the wireframe was complete, I was able to appreciate the beauty of the pepper grinder's complex shape and angles.

To further develop my understanding of light and shadow, I placed my pepper grinder on a light table and painted multiple versions of it, experimenting with different light sources and intensities. This allowed me to see how light and shadow can drastically alter the perception of an object, and how small details can make a big impact on the overall visual experience.

This project challenged me to think beyond surface-level aesthetics and dive deeper into the complexities of an object's shape and form. It taught me the importance of precision and accuracy in design, as well as the power of light and shadow in creating depth and dimension.

Drawing, Wireframing, Painting
Fall 2020, Spring 2021
Drawing, Linework, Visualizing perspective and ratios, Computing perspecctive and ratios
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